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Welcome to WordPress.com. Live Spaces is migrating it’s services here. So I have joined them. Have good day!


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Blogging and Facebook

Greets all, birthdays are coming and going and reminding me to update here some more.
Facebook has almost taken over the world with blogging but should remember its not quite the same as Spaces is it? Twitter gains popularity.
UK TV is full of the elections and the bombing in Ireland. Pleased to see Jim Lovell, from NASA Apollo 13 mission, on BBC News this morning being all positive about his experiences in space.

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KataCraft – Radiogetswild – ebay

A big hello! and best wishes to Kata for the brooches and earrings selling on ebay. In the true spirit of enterprise, please make a "look at me" thought so more people in the world can enjoy the arty and crafty work from Kata. If you’re not already enlightened, you can see some examples and buy at:

Items also feature at Radiogetswild (RGW) in the shopping area. This is the free community radio station and award-winning web site that started in the UK and now has listeners tapping their toes all over the world. It’s free to join RGW – yippeeeee! You can usually find me chillin out on Thursday nights 8pm listening to the Rocking Dave show. A good place to hear your favourite hits of all types and also music from the up-and-coming star Jak Peters from Canada.

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Gadget-loving Mikey starts riot after making airport security line wait hours while his gadgets are inspected

A riot of angry passengers in Chigago’s O’Hare Airport was quelled using tear gas and SWAT teams today, airport spokesmen said. The riot apparently started after the line was stalled for more than 2 hours as airport security inspected each one of Mikey’s 87 gadgets. More–
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MSN messenger

Those of you with MSN Messenger connection problems after installing 7.5 might want to take a peek at Leah’s MSN space. Leah is on the Microsoft messenger program team so pay attention at the back!
For the web based version try the MSN Web messenger page.
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Happy Birthday – Janet

Happy birthday! to my favourite Beatle playing cousin; Janet! Fondest memories of being serenaded with a Beatles song. Maxwell’s Silver hammer is still my favourite. Photos from the party showing the famous birthday cake in the shape of a car satellite navigation device made by Janet’s mum, Celia. Peter also made an appearance on the drums in the band called Midnight. The band plays 50s and 60s Rock’n’Roll with a little Country, Calypso and a few ballads mixed in.
Thanks to Rick for my caricture picture, cool.
Blog updated: Fri 25 May 2007
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Elizabeth’s wedding

Travelled down south to the exotic southern England at the weekend for Elizabeth’s wedding, on 4 Sept, to Yianni. More family renunion, news and of course photos.
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